Saturday, 17 September 2016

Day Of The Dead Plague Doctor Masquerade Mask - £49.95

Strong in style this stunning day of the dead plague doctor Venetian masquerade mask will make a strong statement at your party - painted on a white base with ornate designs in black and gold.

With traditional black satin ties for a comfortable fit the mask is perfect for a man or woman to wear as a showstopper at your next Masquerade Ball or party (pair it with one of our capes for a stunning effect)

This masquerade mask has been handmade in the genuine Venetian tradition using a antique papier-mache former and the highest quality materials by the best mask makers in Venice....Certified authenticity.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Berenice Lux Filigree Masquerade Mask - White

Add a contemporary twist to your look with this stunning Filigree Metal Venetian Masquerade Ladies Mask. With a stunning mix of  pure white and Swarovski that takes inspiration straight from the runway, this beautiful bangle is designed in filigree metal lace with a stunning polished finish and showcases the genuine Swarovski Crystals for a ultra-contemporary look.
 A truly elegant touch to your masquerade look, this stunning Swarovski Berenice Lux Filigree Mask is a real must-have for anyone wanting to exude glamour and true femininity.

This beautiful masquerade mask instantly lights up any look for women who demand the very best. Petite fitting which will fit most face types & fitted with soft satin ties for comfort & security so you can dance all night long.

Angel Filigree Masquerade Mask - Swarovski Edition For Women

Beautifully embellished with genuine Swarovski Crystals, this Limited Edition designer Venetian masquerade mask (only 25 ever made) brings the glamour and intrigue of the Carnival of Venice to your own themed event or masked ball.

A work of art on a base of lace filigree provides a graceful setting for a collection of Swarovski crystals, sparkling above the eye. You will feel excessively feminine in the flattering Angel masquerade mask.
Wear the Angel to your next masquerade ball themed party and take on the charm and grace of traditional Venice. It is designed to create a beautiful impression with your masquerade costume or evening gown.
The Venetian masks you buy from us are made and decorated by hand in Venice. When we say genuine what do we mean?
Your designer Venetian Angel mask, from Simply Masquerade, is made in the original 16th century design using the same methods by artisan mask makers in Venice.
Buying one of our authentic hand made masks in favour of mass produced or machine made versions helps to keep alive the mask making tradition and skill which originated centuries ago, and is still being learnt by apprentices in Venice today.
Masks, in their making and their wearing, have played their part in the history of Venice. The masquerade mask became a symbol of Il Carnevale - the Carnival of Venice - in medieval times and remains so today.
Over the centuries, artisans acquired and sustained the skills to create brightly coloured masks of legendary characters for the annual Carnival season. Eventually Napoleon put an end to the festivities were stopped and the Carnival was over – at least until 1979 when a one-time carnival sparked a revival. The long lost tradition of mask making started once more and the Carnival became the famous extravaganza it remains today.
Why not bring the intrigue and beauty of a real Venetian masquerade mask to your masquerade ball or themed party?
Order your Angel today and we’ll deliver it free if you live within the UK - We do ship worldwide for a very small charge as well.