About Simply Masquerade And Our Venetian Masks

The truly unique and beautiful Venetian Masks have a fascinating history. For centuries, Venice was one of the most powerful republics in the world. A small city where people lived in closed proximity to one another, Venetians adopted the custom of being masked so that citizens could move freely in society during the day. Noblemen and servants alike used Masquerade Masks and Venetian Masks to keep their identities hidden and their dealings – mostly of a financial or romantic nature - unknown.

Eventually, the masks became more and more elaborate and developed specific uses: Masquerade Masks, Mardi Gras Masks, Carnival Masks, Masquerade Ball Masks, Masquerade Party Masks, the variety and styles growing ever more detailed and beautiful.

Authentic Masks – Beautiful Craftsmanship

Today Venetian masks of every description are still worn during the world famous Carnivale inVenice. They are recognized for their beauty and craftsmanship and are collected for use and display by people who appreciate fine art the world over.

Our Selection of Masquerade Masks is Unmatched

We love Venetian masks in all their variety. You may appreciate them all and you may have a favourite style. Bauta masks cover the entire face; Colombina is the half mask, usually tied with a ribbon and is among the most recognized of Venetian Masks. Medico Della Peste – the Plague Doctor has a long beak – it’s both strange and captivating. There’s the Moretta – an oval mask, usually made of black velvet. You’ll find examples of all these well-known Venetian masks as well as many others here on our website.

Why Choose Simply Masquerade?

Our business is family owned and we take your satisfaction very seriously. Have a question? We want to hear from you. If there is ever a problem with anything you purchase from us, we’ll find an immediate solution. We’re not happy until you are.

Authentic Masks AND Great Prices

We personally select all our Venetian Masquerade Masks ourselves and each one is made by Master Artisans and is 100% authentic – no imitations. Not ever. Whether you’re a collector, a first time purchaser or perhaps looking for a sophisticated and elegant gift for someone who appreciates the finer things in life, you won’t find a better selection at better prices anywhere.

Your Purchase Will Arrive Quickly – In Perfect Condition

We stock every Venetian Mask you see on our site, which means you’ll get it quickly. It’s not uncommon to wait weeks for masks from our competitors. Not when you shop at Simply Masquerade.

Shipping Your Delicate Masquerade Mask – No Problem.

We have experience packaging delicate and fragile masks and we’ve never once had one arrive in anything but perfect condition. Should any damage occur, we’ll replace your mask immediately at no cost to you. That’s our guarantee.

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