New Year New Me!

I'm currently sitting at my desk looking out at the pouring rain trying to put together this blog post. I really need to put the light on but it's only 2.15 in the afternoon!

Well 2014 is finally here and as with last January there's lots I want to do. I really need to sort the site out somewhat as it is looking a little tired and i must order more masks as it is taking an age from Venice to be delivered at the moment.
I am going to start to keep fit but i will try to fit it in around dinnertime because once I'm home after work, it's too cold and dark to think about going back out there. Suggestions of anything to help motivate me gladly accepted, plus anything to do with the site as well.

I have set myself a goal to read more this year...maybe do less work and play, yeah right if that's ever going to happen!

I need to blog more. I say this every year and every year what happens? Nothing.... I have run out of excuses now though.
So before i bore you all to death I'm signing off.

Happy new year to you all!

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