Diavolo (Devil) Lux Venetian Masquerade Full Face Mask

Prove your trendsetting status by wearing this chic & stylish mask - Tipped to be the hottest mask of the year this mask is the must have accessory for injecting an on-trend traditional inspired style into any of your looks
Simply elegant - This beautifully finished Diavolo Lux Venetian Face Mask by Simply Masquerade will add a touch of personality to your favourite partywear. Designed with a contemporary devil face shape it has a central colour of shimmering gold which perfectly complements the gold and red glitter and then on top of all that is the intricate gold filigree shaped in a most beautiful way.
With traditional black satin ties, for a comfortable fit this Venetian mask is perfect for a man or woman to wear.
 Diavolo Lux Venetian Masquerade Mask

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